Monday, September 7, 2009


Sara Pennypacker writes what I think is probably the most wonderful on-going series for young kids out there. So far she has written three books about a little girl named Clementine.

The first in the series, Clementine, follows the clever third-grader, who has a keen eye for observations and a good heart. In the book, Clementine finds that these attributes, which endear her greatly to the reader, can lead her into trouble. This first installment focuses on Clementine and her relationships with her family and with her best friend, Margaret.

Clementine is a modern-day Ramona, but I think funnier and more engaging. We have laughed loads while reading about Clementine's misadventures, and this book has stood up to multiple re-readings over the last two years. It's a great read-aloud but also a book that Chloe will pick up on her own. It features wonderful black-and-white illustrations by Marla Frazee. Great for first to third-grade.

Eleven out of ten stars! Read it now!


  1. Eleven out of ten stars! Must be good. We love Ramona around here, so we're in for a treat.

  2. Do check it out. I think that the next two are even better than the first!


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