Monday, August 17, 2009

A Zoo for Mister Muster

We love Arnold Lobel at our house. He wrote such wonderful books, many of which I remember from when I was young. This is one that I wasn't familiar with though.

A Zoo For Mister Muster is a picture book that focuses on the value of friendship. Mister Muster visits the zoo every day to visit his friends, the animals. But "when it was rainy or snowy or sleety and Mister Muster could not go to the zoo, he felt lonely and missed his friends very much." The animals miss Mister Muster too. They devise a plan to steal the zoo keeper's keys and escape to their friend, Mr. Muster's, apartment. Comedy ensues with lions hiding in beds and monkeys behind washbasins. Will the animals live forever with Mister Muster or return to the zoo?

My daughter loved this story and the illustrations. A good story to read to your kids and a fun book for early readers. Appropriate for pre-k to 2nd grade, depending on reading level.


  1. Hello! I just found your blog via blogcatalog, and then it was great to find out about this Arnold Lobel book - we love him too, and yes, this is new for us as well - will certainly look out for it at the library. Maybe I can return the favour if you take a look at the reviews at my site, Playing by the book ( - also book reviews of kids' books, plus the play they inspire us to get up to! Hopefully you'll find a good book there :-)

  2. You have a great website! Hop you can track down Mister Muster!


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